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05/06/24, 15:52 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-05T08:52:58Z

CILEGON BANTEN (ISL News) - In order to improve the quality of work in the implementation of work activities within PT Pelindo Regional 2 Banten and in order to reduce the risk of accidents and safety at work, it is deemed necessary to carry out Socialization and Signing of the Joint Commitment to K3 Compliance in the Meeting Room Pelindo Regional Office 2 Banten.

The socialization and signing of the Joint Commitment to K3 Compliance was attended by port agencies, Cilegon City Manpower Office, Banten Police, Cilegon Police, Banten Port KSKP, Banten Class 1 Port KSOP, Banten Port Health Center, and Business Partners and Work Partners within the Banten Port environment. This is deemed necessary in order to obtain clear and correct information. Pelindo Regional 2 Banten is committed to prioritizing the implementation of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) in every business process.  

General Manager of PT Pelindo Regional 2 Banten, Yohanes W Situmeang, emphasized that this commitment is prioritized in order to provide optimal and sustainable service for customers.

"In order to continue to provide optimal and sustainable port services, I instruct all Stakeholders, Work Partners & Business Partners to always be disciplined in implementing K3," said Yohanes W Situmeang.

It is said that disciplined implementation of K3 throughout the company will result in increased customer satisfaction. "Disciplined implementation of K3 is a solution for both customers and port personnel. "When Port personnel are healthy and safe in carrying out their duties, customers will definitely get satisfaction, in the form of excellent and reliable service," he explained.                                                              

GM also appealed to all Port personnel to implement K3 not only during National K3 Month, but also every time they carry out their duties. 

This activity is a form of Pelindo Regional 2 Banten's concern for K3, where all workers and the community are expected to continue to increase awareness of Occupational Safety and Health.

"The implementation of this activity is a manifestation of Pelindo Regional 2 Banten's commitment to Environment, Social and Government (ESG), in order to create a Productive, Competitive and Prosperous Workforce. By implementing good and optimal K3, it is hoped that the safety of all people in the company will be guaranteed. so that we can work productively and achieve the targets expected by the company," he added.

(Editor of ISL News/PR Pelindo Regional 2 Banten).

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  • PELINDO Regional 2 BANTEN Holds K3 Socialization & Signs JOINT COMMITMENT TO K3 COMPLIANCE


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