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05/04/24, 22:14 WIB Last Updated 2024-04-05T15:17:23Z

 – Last Thursday, April 4 2024, at HABITAT Resto & Coffee, Medan Baru – Medan City, President – ​​Indonesian Maritime Pilots' Association (INAMPA) Mr. PASOROAN HERMAN HARIANJA or who is usually called: "HERMAN" said that Indonesia, in this case INAMPA, will be the host for the Grand Event of Maritime Scout Officers from all over the world, which is called the 27th Congress of the International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) in 2026. in Bali – Indonesia.

Matter; This was stated by this tall, sturdy and large man, former Director of PELINDO I and PELINDO IV (before the merger) during an iftar event with print and electronic media crew (online / offline media), Thursday evening, April 4 2024 in the VIP HABITAT Café Room. & Restaurant on Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim, No. 38. Mean Baru was attended by dozens of media crew and INAMPA partners.

The President of INAMPA is very consistent in holding Media Gatherings both when welcoming the religious holidays Eid al-Fitr, Christmas & New Year as well as at certain moments where according to him, friendship is very important both in a religious context and as a social being.

Herman added that from 26 to 30 March 2024, President – ​​International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) as the parent organization of global Maritime Pilot Officers throughout the world, Capt. Simon Pelletier from Canada and Capt. Matthew Williams from England made a working visit to Bali - Indonesia and held a series of position check activities, venues, events, meetings with the President of INAMPA and the DPP & DPW INAMPA Management from all over Indonesia which was centered at the Westin Hotel & Resort Nusa Dua, Bali - Indonesia.

According to Herman, this working visit is a form of strong commitment from the IMPA Executive to Indonesia, in this case INAMPA which is trusted to be the host for the 27th IPA Congress in 2026 in Bali - Indonesia.

The President of INAMPA added that we have officially been members of IMPA since 2017, and INAMPA is very active in global scale activities carried out by IMPA such as attending the 23rd IMPA Congress in 2016 in Seoul - South Korea, the 24th IMPA Congress in 2018 in Dakkar - Senegal, the 25th IMPA Congress in 2022 in Cancun - Mexico, and from 20 to 27 April 2024 INAMPA will take part in the 26th IMPA Congress which will take place in Rotterdam - Netherlands.

Apart from being active in global forums, INAMPA is also active in the Asia Pacific region, and this was proven in 2017 when it hosted an event called: "The 1st Asia Pacific Maritime Pilots' Forum (APMPF)" which took place in Bali - Indonesia, 28 to 31 August 2017 was attended by ± 250 participants from Asia Pacific countries, who at that time issued a declaration called: "Bali Declaration 2017".

Then in 2019 followed "The 2nd Asia Pacific Maritime Pilots' Forum (APMPF)" which took place in Sydney - Australia from 28 Oct to 01 Nov 2019, as well as "The 3rd Asia Pacific Maritime Pilots' Forum (APMPF) which took place in Seoul – South Korea last August 29 – 31 2023.

According to Herman, INAMPA's active role is in giving trust to the IMPA Executive and said that Indonesia, in this case, INAMPA is considered capable and capable of organizing this grand event which is held every two years.

"Many other countries want to host, but we have the trust/choice for this even though we have only been members of IMPA for around 7 (seven) years. According to him, hosting the 27th IMPA Congress in 2026 will provide many benefits for Indonesia and INAMPA, just as when Indonesia hosts international events such as the G20, IMF / World Bank Meeting, etc. "Aside from realizing pride/pride, it is also proof that Indonesia/INAMPA has the competence, capacity and experience to organize this event," said Herman.

It was said, Indonesia, in this case, INAMPA will send 10 (ten) delegation members with 1 (one) tour advisor / EO Congress – Ms. Mia Lestari from Aladin Travel Jakarta and will be led by the President of INAMPA to take part in the 26th Congress in the largest port city in Europe, namely Rotterdam - Netherlands which will take place from 20 to 27 April 2024.

"The Congress will be attended by all IMPA members, as it is known that IMPA is a strategic partner of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the official UN body that deals with world maritime issues and currently has ± 175 member countries, apart from that, the 26th IMPA Congress will also "attended by various professional and business organizations apart from the IMO secretary general and IMO delegates also from CIRM, IAPH, IALA, IHMA, IFSMA, NI, PIANC, EMPA, and others," continued Herman.

And during the congress there will also be a maritime industry exhibition at the event location in Rotterdam with a total of more than hundreds of participants, companions and exhibitors with experience from previous congresses and exhibitions.

There are many benefits obtained by participants, especially INAMPA as part of the International Maritime Society, including:

a. As a platform for networking, be it professionalism, business, social, etc.

b. A place to share knowledge, know-how, skills through workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

c. Seeing, building and collaborating on business & other important collaborations both in the context of organization to organization, other collaborative practices that provide mutual benefits and advantages.

At the congress, according to the President of INAMPA – Herman; The activity program covers many topics from various fields related to maritime affairs, starting from ship piloting and towing, market trends, developments and innovations in maritime technology & ship safety, industry benchmarking and other social activities.

For Indonesia, in this case INAMPA, the moment of this congress is very important because there will be a ceremony from the committee, namely the handing over of the Pataka to host the 27th IMPA Congress from the host of the 26th IMPA Congress Rotterdam - the Netherlands to Indonesia, in this case INAMPA as the host. The home of the 27th IMPA Congress is in Bali – Indonesia.

According to Herman, in this congress, INAMPA will appear in two large sessions, namely first as a speaker in the maritime safety session on the second day of the congress on April 23 2024 with the title country paper: "THE ROLE OF MARITIME PILOTS' in MAINTAINS PORT PERFORMANCE", then on the last day of the congress, Friday, April 26 2024 with the title: "INDONESIA / INAMPA'S READINESS AS THE HOST FOR THE 27th IMPA CONGRESS 2026 in BALI – INDONESIA".

Both presentations will be delivered by the President of INAMPA. According to Herman, the last day is a very important moment for Indonesia to promote/publicize to all congress and exhibition participants, congress companions and other relevant stakeholders regarding the latest developments regarding:

a. Maritime Industry in Indonesia.

b. Tourism Industry in Indonesia, especially Bali and 10 other Super Priority Destinations.

c. Opportunities for collaboration and cooperation in various sectors and industries related to maritime including safety, security, environmental protection and sustainability.

d. Increasing maritime resource capacity.

e. An event to show the international world the port and logistics services industry managed by PELINDO, Pertamina Port & Logistics (PPL), other BUPs whether government owned, private, etc. as well as opportunities for collaboration in market reach, technology, etc.


Herman added that holding the 27th IMPA Congress in Bali - Indonesia in 2026 will provide many positive benefits to Indonesia, and this is INAMPA's big role in realizing Indonesia's big vision of becoming a World Maritime Axis. For INAMPA, understanding the maritime axis for Indonesia is: that every ocean, sea, strait, bay, even river and coastal beach that exists and is owned by Indonesia must be able to provide added value; economic, social, political, defense, security, safety and sustainability for the benefit of the Indonesian people. According to him, INAMPA, with all its limited resources, must be able to make a big contribution to maritime progress in Indonesia through the information, access and global networking it has.

Other benefits that Indonesia and INAMPA will gain from attending the 26th IMPA Congress in Rotterdam - Netherlands from 20 to 27 April 2024 include 11 (eleven) items, including;

1. Recognition.

2. Prestige (Pride).

3. Existence.

4. Networking.

5. Promotion (Promotion).

6. Presenting (Presenting).

7. Sharing (Share Knowledge, Experience, etc.).

8. Networking & Influence (Networking & Influencing).

9. Going Global (Becoming Part of the Global Society).

10. Best Practice (Imitating Best Practices from Others).

11. Capital to host the 27th IMPA Congress in 2016 in Bali - Indonesia.

Herman also added that on Friday, March 29 2024 in Bali, the President of IMPA personally handed over a certificate of recognition of INAMPA's membership in the International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) for 2024 to the President of INAMPA witnessed by the Secretary General of IMPA Capt. Matthew Williams from England and DPP & DPW INAMPA administrators from all over Indonesia.

Herman hopes that INAMPA, as in the ongoing transformation process, will not only be a professional organization but will become a "Maritime Advisor to the World" while still prioritizing the principle: "Building Responsible Partnership". March 11 2024 is INAMPA's 21st birthday. and set the tagline: 'Proud To Be The Host of The 27th IMPA Congress, Bali – Indonesia"

(ISL News Editorial/INAMPA Public Relations/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • INAMPA Will Host The -27TH IMPA CONGRESS in BALI – INDONESIA in 2026


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