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Improve K3 Skills Pelindo Regional 2 Panjang Conduct K3 Training with Maritime Elements

31/05/24, 09:39 WIB Last Updated 2024-05-31T02:43:36Z


  - In order to increase awareness of K3 Occupational Safety and Health, Pelindo Regional 2 Panjang carried out Safety and Environment training which was attended by a number of Truck Drivers, Security Units, TKBM Workers, Stakeholders and Communities around the Port who have an important role in maintaining security, health and the environment in the Panjang 2 Regional area through the 2024 Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL).

This activity was carried out in collaboration with the Lampung Provincial Manpower Service by providing training related to the basics of K3 and also preventing work accidents by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Pelindo Regional 2 Panjang General Manager Imam Rahmiyadi said that this activity was part of Pelindo Regional 2 Panjang's efforts to campaign for K3 in a sustainable and continuous manner, this training also aims to increase awareness of potential risks and dangers in the work environment, so that workers can be more proactive in identifying and addressing safety and Health issues.

"K3 training is also in order to provide an in-depth understanding of HSSE principles and provide practical skills to implement them in daily work including injury prevention measures, understanding of hazardous materials and steps to protect the environment, minimizing the risk of accidents by providing appropriate knowledge. "It is necessary to identify dangerous situations and take appropriate action to avoid accidents or injuries," said GM Imam Rahmiyadi.

Apart from that, he added, this activity also aims to build a strong safety, health and security culture, create awareness and motivate each other, both workers and the community around the port, to comply with HSSE practices.

"So that we can create a safe, healthy work environment and reduce risks that have a negative impact on workers and the surrounding environment," he added.

(Editor of ISL News/Pelindo Regional 2 Panjang Public Relations).


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  • Improve K3 Skills Pelindo Regional 2 Panjang Conduct K3 Training with Maritime Elements


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