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BKI organize it Safari Ramadhan 1445 Hijriah with the theme "Uniting Spirits, Towards Victory Day"

19/03/24, 07:39 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-19T00:46:02Z

 - PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) (“BKI”) as the holding company of the Samarinda branch of the BUMN Survey Services Holding, held a Ramadan Safari event with the theme "Uniting the Spirit, Towards Victory Day" on Thursday, March 14 2024 at the BKI Office Samarinda Branch.

In this holy month, IDSurvey carries out Ramadan safaris to a number of branches throughout Indonesia to strengthen relationships and build friendship between IDSurvey people. This activity is also a momentum to socialize the corporate purpose "One Family, One Purpose" that We Exist for the safety of your family and mine.

This Ramadan Safari activity is a form of friendship for all IDSurvey employees. This activity was attended by the Deputy Director of Classification Business Management of PT BKI (Persero), Mr. Arief Budi Permana, VP Research of PT BKI (Persero), Mr. Fredi Agung Prasetya, VP of Coal Portfolio PT Sucofindo, Mr. Limlim Abdul Halim, Head of  BKI Kelas Utama Samarinda, Mr Arief Nurtjahjo, Head of Balikpapan Main Commercial Branch PT BKI (Persero), Mr Budiman Johansyah, Head of Operations Branch PT Surveyor Indonesia, represented by Mr Andik Triono, Head of PT Sucofindo Branch, Mr Teguh Ura Kusuma Hadi.

This Ramadhan Safari activity was also enlivened by the traditional Kutai Kartanegara dance, namely the Jepen Eroh Begenjoh Dance, which gave a stunning East Kalimantan atmosphere. 

The atmosphere became more solemn with the chanting of Al-Qur'an delivered by Mr. Wahyu Wardoyo and there was also the distribution of compensation to the Qolbun Salim Orphans and the DPU Quran House, in order to create care and togetherness. 

This activity closed with Tausiyah and Prayer delivered by Al-Habib Muhammad Abdul Nasir Bin Syekh Abi Bakar, strengthening the spirit and moving the hearts of every IDSurvey person present.

(ISL News Editorial/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • BKI organize it Safari Ramadhan 1445 Hijriah with the theme "Uniting Spirits, Towards Victory Day"


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