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Moment Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 1445 Hijriah, Passengers at Makassar Port Predicted to Increase by 6%

18/03/24, 10:12 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-18T03:21:17Z

 - Hari Lebaran Iedul Fitri holidays are always eagerly awaited moments, especially for the Indonesian people who celebrate them. Including Momen Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 1445 Hijriah which all Muslims always look forward to every year.

Apart from celebrating Victory Day after fasting for a whole month, going home before Eid, which is only available in Indonesia, is a moment that is eagerly awaited by almost all Muslims in this country. 

Anticipating the Mudik Iedul Fitri moment which will definitely cause a surge in the number of passengers going home to their respective hometowns, especially those using sea transportation, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Regional 4 Makassar always makes various preparations every year.

"We know that Makassar Port is the largest port in the eastern region of Indonesia and has always been the port with the largest flow of passengers disembarking and boarding special ships during the Mudik Iedul Fitri season," said General Manager (GM) of Pelindo Regional 4 Makassar, Iwan Sjarifuddin.

Pelindo Regional 4 Makassar has also prepared various facilities long before entering the month of Ramadan. According to Iwan, apart from preparing facilities and improving existing services, his party is also improving the competency of Human Resources (HR) so that the services provided, especially during the peak season for ship passenger flows, will be more optimal and maximal.


Prediction of Number of Passengers Rising 6%

It is known that Makassar Port, which is the hub in Eastern Indonesia (KTI), always records the highest number of passengers, especially during the Mudik Iedul Fitri season, compared to other ports under the management of Pelindo Regional 4, namely the Ports of Kendari, Pantoloan, Manado, Bitung, Gorontalo, Balikpapan, Jayapura and Merauke Harbor in Papua.

Iwan said that last year's Iedul Fitri managed to record 107,875 passengers boarding and alighting at Makassar Port. "Experiencing a growth trend of 122.06% compared to the 2022 the Mudik Iedul Fitri," he said.

At this year's the Mudik Iedul Fitri moment, he said that it is predicted that the flow of passengers boarding and alighting at Makassar Port will increase by 6% compared to the number of embarkation and disembarkation passenger flows in the same period last year.

"It is predicted that this year's Eid homecoming season the number of ship passengers at Makassar Port will be 114,348 people," he said.

As for the peak of the Mudik Iedul Fitri flow, GM Pelindo Regional 4 Makassar added, it will be at H-10 and H+10 of Eid al-Fitr 1445 H.

He hopes that this year's the Mudik Iedul Fitri will be safe, comfortable and smooth, so that travelers using sea transportation can celebrate Iedul Fitri  with their beloved families in their respective hometowns.

(Editor of ISL News/Regional Public Relations head 4 Pelindo Makassar/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).  

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  • Moment Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 1445 Hijriah, Passengers at Makassar Port Predicted to Increase by 6%


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