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Koja Container Terminal or TPK Koja Holds Media Gathering with Journalists Who Are Members of FORWAMI

27/02/24, 17:05 WIB Last Updated 2024-02-27T10:05:32Z

 – In order to continue to build friendship and good relations between companies and the media, this is something that needs to be optimized.

This is the background for holding a Media Gathering activity between KSO TPK Koja and the Indonesian Maritime Journalists Forum (FORWAMI) on Monday-Tuesday 19-20 February 2024 at PMLI Ciawi Bogor. A total of 31 FORWAMI members attended this series of events.

Management along with several managers and supervisors also attended the KSO TPK Koja and FORWAMI Media Gathering event. Starting at 13.30 WIB, the event began with an opening session singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and the TPK Koja Hymn, then an opening prayer led by Public Relations & CSR Supervisor M. Zul Haramain, followed by remarks.

Starting from remarks from the Corporate Secretary of KSO TPK Koja, Mr. Paulus Cahyandaru, the Chairman of FORWAMI, Mr. Hoddy Sitanggang, and the General Manager of KSO TPK Koja, Mr. Indra Hidayat Sani.

Then, before the main session of the event began, a quiz session was held for the participants to answer questions quickly and accurately regarding KSO TPK Koja. Attractive prizes for correct answers are given to participants who successfully answer.

Then, the core session of the Media Gathering event was a seminar discussion on the theme of the Transshipment Process in Indonesia: Opportunities & Challenges by resource person Mr. Budi Muljono Rachman (Chief Trade Officer of PT Meratus Line Surabaya) guided by Marketing Manager Mr. Totok Purwanto as moderator. The participants seemed enthusiastic about following the discussion with the flow of questions and answers between participants and resource persons.

In the evening there was a dinner and solo organ entertainment which was attended lively by the participants. The excitement of the event was even more felt by the distribution of door prizes for lucky participants.

Hopefully the holding of this Media Gathering event will further strengthen the ties between KSO TPK Koja and FORWAMI member journalists.

(ISL News Editorial/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • Koja Container Terminal or TPK Koja Holds Media Gathering with Journalists Who Are Members of FORWAMI


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