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Passenger Flow at Tanjung PERAK PORT throughout 2023 Increases 121%

28/02/24, 13:33 WIB Last Updated 2024-02-28T06:34:17Z

  - As is well known to the general public, passenger ships and Ro-Ro ships are closely related to the Gapura Surya Nusantara (GSN) passenger terminal which is within the scope of the Tanjung Perak Port area, Pelindo Regional 3 Sub Regional Java.

Along with the increase in community activities that require safe and comfortable modes of public transportation, one of which is ships, the GSN terminal is always filled with various ship passengers from various regions in Indonesia and abroad every day. However, apart from that, there are activities that are no less busy than the flow of passengers entering every day, namely the transportation of vehicle units which is also a daily sight.

Rendy Fendy as Head of Public Relations of Pelindo Regional 3 Sub Regional Java explained that there was an increase in the volume of passengers and vehicles transported by roro ships throughout 2023, which exceeded the 2023 RKAP until the 4th quarter and exceeded the actual achievement of the volume of passenger and vehicle flows in 2022.

According to him, there is a very positive upward trend in the performance of Pelindo Regional 3 Sub Regional Java. This can be seen from how the achievement of passenger and vehicle flows up to Quarter 4 of 2023 continues to increase.

According to the report Rendy received, the realization up to Quarter 4 of 2023 for passenger flow at the GSN Passenger Terminal reached 1,422,380 people. Meanwhile, vehicle flow has reached 365,620 units. This means that the respective flows realized were 117% for people and 110% for units from the RKAP budget up to Quarter 4 of 2023 and experienced an increase of 121% for people and 122% for vehicle units compared to the 2022 realization.

''This happens because the increasing number of ships operating and the addition of destination routes and new ports operating, so the more routes served, the more passengers can use this sea transportation mode. "Moreover, in 2023, all forms of restrictions or restrictions due to Covid-19 have been lifted by the government so that it will be safer for people to travel," explained Rendy when met at the Gapura Surya Nusantara (GSN) Terminal, Tanjung Perak Port.

Rendy also explained that this condition was caused by a very significant increase in roro ship modes, which were dominated by large trucks with loads of more than 30 tonnes with the busiest destination being Makasar. Another reason is because the ship's destination is Semarang and Labuan Bajo - Ende, which are tourist destinations where tourists can bring their private vehicles for vacation.

Meanwhile, the realization of the productivity of the Kalimas Port warehouse itself up to Quarter 4 of 2023 has reached 11,770 tons or a realization of 106% of the 2023 RKAP budget. Meanwhile, the realization in 2022 is 10,846 tons or an increase of 109% compared to the 2022 realization.

Apart from that, the realization of non-container goods productivity using Ro-Ro ships up to Quarter 4 of 2023 also increased to reach 206,872 units or a realization of 116% of the 2023 RKAP budget. Meanwhile, the realization in 2022 was 167,836 units or an increase of 123% compared to the 2022 realization .

Rendy explained that the achievement of goods production in 2023, especially in tons, was due to the increase in goods such as animal feed, fertilizer, raw sugar and rice.

Meanwhile, the realization of field productivity at Kalimas Port up to Quarter 4 of 2023 reached 44,508 tons or 81% realization. Meanwhile, in 2022 the realization will reach 90%. This is due to a buildup of goods due to waiting for cargo to be shipped to the ship and bad weather.

In general, Kalimas Port experienced an increase in productivity in various traffic sectors. Rendy said that this was Pelindo's commitment to providing the best port services. Not only that, he ensures efficient and affordable services for all levels of society. He hopes that Pelindo can continue to contribute to the growth rate of Indonesian and international logistics flows.

(Editor of ISL News/Regional Public Relations Head 3 Pelindo/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • Passenger Flow at Tanjung PERAK PORT throughout 2023 Increases 121%


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