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PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara Or PT KBN (Persero) Business Profile

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 - A Brief History, or the Origin of PT. Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Persero) or PT KBN (Persero) began when the Government of the Republic of Indonesia established PT. Yado Warehousing (Persero) in 1968. The company, which occupies four hectares of land in Kampung Bandan, North Jakarta, has the task of managing the warehouse area as a gateway or general port for imports.

Eight years later, the Government liquidated PT. Yado Warehousing and established PT. Bonded Warehouses Indonesia. The Government wanted to develop a general import port located at Tanjung Priok Nusantara Port.

The name KBN itself only appeared on June 28, 1986. This date later became the anniversary of KBN. This company was established along with the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) Number 23 of 1986. This regulation contains the formation of a new company which is the result of the merger of two State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Persero, namely PT Bonded Warehouses Indonesia and PT. Sasana Bhanda. PT. Sasana Bhanda is a first-line warehousing company established in 1983 located in Cakung.

Throughout its more than two decades of journey, PT. KBN (Persero) continues to grow along with the dynamics of economic growth in Indonesia and the global economy. In addition, the company is also getting bigger thanks to the merger of other liquidated BUMNs.

The first merger process occurred in 1990. Through Government Regulation Number 31 of 1990, the Government liquidated PT Pusat Perkayu Marunda (Persero) and merged this company with PT. KBN (Persero). Then in 1994 through Government Regulation Number 38 of 1994, the government accepted the liquidation results of PT. Pengelola Kawasan Berikat Indonesia (Persero) (PKBI) and merged it into PT. KBN (Persero). These various merger processes certainly provide various colors. Since then, the shareholders of PT. KBN (Persero) consist of the Central Government and the Regional Government of DKI Jakarta Province


Vision and mission of the company

VISION: “To become an international standard industrial area ecosystem, logistics and port services integrator.”

MISSION: To encourage sustainable economic growth through the development of value-added industrial ecosystems.


Creating regional growth centers that can absorb labor and create economic value and develop infrastructure in the surrounding areas.

Providing maximum value proposition to tenants through products and services integrated into the industrial area ecosystem.

Building business synergy and integration with internal and external partners to develop and manage an innovative, superior and competitive industrial area ecosystem.

Maximizing employee satisfaction and loyalty accompanied by continuous capacity and capability development.

Improving employee welfare based on performance and competence to increase employee motivation, innovation and dedication.

Optimizing the implementation of GCG to improve management governance performance so as to achieve optimal and sustainable added value for all shareholders.

Opening up domestic and foreign investment opportunities through revenue contributions to the state in the form of taxes and non-taxes.

Carrying out environmental and social responsibilities to create sustainable impacts for the community and surrounding areas.


*PT KBN's Vision and Mission Based on the 2023-2027 RJPP and PT KBN will immediately prepare the 2024-2028 Company Long-Term Plan (RJPP) according to the direction of the Shareholders.


Company Values ​​(Core Value)

The values ​​held firmly by PT KBN are "AKHLAK" which is an acronym for Amanah, Kompeten, Harmonis, Loyal, Adaptif and Kolaboratif.


Corporate Business

PT KBN's business is managing industrial areas with both bonded and non-bonded zones. The definition of a bonded zone is a certain area within the Indonesian customs area which is one of the supporting infrastructures for economic development by using the location to increase export-oriented processing industries that receive special incentives, namely exemption from import duties and other state levies. Other facilities provided by the government to investors in KBN are that 50% of their production can be marketed domestically and foreign investors can own 100% of the shares.

Main Business :


Property Services

Service activities in the form of renting factory buildings and/or factory land to investors, both from abroad in the form of Foreign Investment (PMA) and locally in the form of Domestic Investment (PMDN), for export-oriented industrial activities and some of which can be marketed domestically.


In order to support the activities of investors/customers, PT KBN provides licensing facilities including:

Investment Licensing Services

Business License Recommendation

Issuance of Certificate of Origin (SKA) Document

Company Recommendations in Bonded Zones (PDKB)

Issuance of Building Permit (IMB);

Logistics Service Provider

Logistics service activities integrate forwarding and warehousing services, both bonded warehouses and general warehouses, as well as container depots, into an integrated logistics system chain (total logistics system), including:

Export/import document management services;

Freight transport services (trucking);

Jasa bongkar muat (forklift, crane, reachstaker);

Warehouse / field and container depot rental services.

Supporting Facilities

To support customer activities, the company also provides supporting facilities in the form of port services in Marunda and health services (health centers) in all business units.


Head Office & Business Services Address:

Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing No. 1 Jakarta Utara  (021) 4482-0909 (021) 4482-0042



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  • PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara Or PT KBN (Persero) Business Profile


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