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PELINDO JASA MARITIM Or SPJM Records PROFIT GROWTH Up 128.38 Percent Throughout 2023

04/07/24, 09:48 WIB Last Updated 2024-07-04T09:12:29Z

 Subholding Pelindo Jasa Maritim (SPJM), part of the Pelindo Group, has successfully recorded a net profit of IDR 647 billion (audited) throughout 2023, or 128.38 percent of the 2003 Company Work Budget Plan (RKAP). This growth was achieved by SPJM in line with its efforts to continue strengthening services through standardization of business processes and services at the port.

"SPJM as an inseparable part of Pelindo, can maintain the profitability of the profit achievement in 2023 and strive earnestly, from year to year since it was formed after the Pelindo merger, maintaining its commitment to continue to organize services to improve from day to day," said Arief Prabowo, President Director of Pelindo Jasa Maritim.

"In 2023, SPJM pocketed business revenues that grew 104.98 percent of the budget," continued Arief.

The profit achievement is a contribution from various services provided by SPJM, with 3 (three) main services dominating, including the delay service which was realized at 150.70% of the budget, the electricity service which achieved 103.16% of the budget target, and the fuel surcharge service which is dominant in SPJM, as well as its two subsidiaries, JAI and PMS.

"We hope to continue to support economic growth through the Company's role as a service provider in the maritime sector, especially in terms of ship services, port equipment services, and utility services, all of which are expected to maintain port performance in Indonesia," Arief continued.


Operational Performance

The growth of SPJM group's financial performance is in line with operational performance which also posted a positive trend. Ship guidance reached 625,012 movements, an increase of 4.04% YoY. Meanwhile, ship delays increased by 30.58% YoY, or reached 4.97 Billion Gt-Hour. Fuel distribution increased by 25.61% YoY and also exceeded the 2023 RKAP target by reaching 101.98% or 49,686 KL. Likewise, gas distribution performance was 103.53% of the 2023 RKAP or 49.86% YoY, reaching 13,188,848 MMBTU.

For clean water performance, SPJM Group penetrated 893,883 tons or increased by 15.98% from last year. Likewise, electricity services reached 177,961,668 KWH or increased by 12.88% YoY.

Equipment performance also showed positive performance. Availability or readiness of equipment increased by 0.22 percent compared to the same period last year.

This achievement also shows the effectiveness of centralized and standardized operational management in each port, including the support of the latest Phinnisi technology, which is an end-to-end ship service operating system platform , which is one of the pillars in realizing the objectives of  the National Logistic Ecosystem  (NLE), has succeeded in providing a significant impact on the shipping and logistics industry, significant cost efficiency and service time.

By continuously maintaining equipment availability, ports can play a full role in reducing port stay (the length of time a ship waits at the port) and cargo stay (the length of time a cargo is needed at the port). These two things greatly contribute to national logistics performance which of course also has an impact on the nation's economic growth.

(ISL News Editorial Team/Corcom SPJM/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • PELINDO JASA MARITIM Or SPJM Records PROFIT GROWTH Up 128.38 Percent Throughout 2023


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