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Intensifying BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT through STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP, TTL's Performance in Semester I of 2024 Increased Sharply

10/07/24, 12:26 WIB Last Updated 2024-07-10T05:27:32Z

  PT Terminal Teluk Lamong (TTL), a subsidiary of PT Pelindo Terminal Petikemas, recorded excellent performance in the first semester of 2024, as indicated by a significant increase in ship traffic, container flow, and dry bulk goods flow both at TTL and at the Nilam Container Terminal which was handed over to TTL in May 2024.

The strategic initiative to eliminate the flow issue in TTL has succeeded in increasing the number of ship visits from 658 ships in the first semester of 2023 to 722 ships in 2024 or an increase of 9.7% compared to the same period. The TTL strategy also increases the trust of service users, such as the Mentari Mas Multimoda shipping line which is committed to docking 100% in TTL and increasing the domestic route of the Sukses Sindo Damai shipping line for inter-dom ships, especially on the Jakarta route.

TTL container flow increased from 393,591 TEUs in the first semester of 2023 to 417,329 in 2024 or increased by 6% compared to the same period. This was due to increased production on several shipping lines such as Meratus, Mentari Mas Multimoda, SPIL, and Sukses Sindo Damai.

Meanwhile, the container flow at the Nilam Terminal operated by TTL also increased from 184,860 TEUs in the first semester of 2023 to 204,677 TEUs in 2024, or an increase of 10.7% compared to the previous year. This increase was due to the addition of ships from SPIL to Balikpapan - Baubau.

The increase in container production on each service route is a driving factor in increasing container flow at TTL in the first quarter of 2024. "This semester, TTL serves 2 new services to China and India, one of which is a combined service from 3 shipping lines Wan Hai Line, Inter Asia Line, and KMTC Line. This shows the increasing customer trust in TTL, then we will continue to encourage terminal performance, one of which is by optimizing Pelindo group assets with the use of 2 RTGC units owned by PT MTI so that it can simultaneously increase dynamic capacity in the field," explained David Pandapotan Sirait, President Director of PT Terminal Teluk Lamong.

The additional new route services in question are the SI8/AIS5 service by KMTC, Wan Hai Lian, and Inter-Asia Line shipping lines with the Jakarta – Surabaya – Singapore – Port Klang – Mundra – Nhava Sheva route which docks every week at Teluk Lamong Terminal.

In line with the increase in container flow, the flow of dry bulk goods also experienced the same thing, increasing by 27.4% from the previous year, namely 1,600,334 tons in the first semester of 2023 to 2,038,730 tons in the same period in 2024. In the first semester of this year, precisely on March 10, 2024, TTL successfully served the MV DANAE R ship carrying 68,733 tons of Brazilian corn with a draft of 13.27 meters, which is the ship with the deepest draft that has ever entered Surabaya so far.

TTL's performance in the first semester of 2024 also received recognition and appreciation from various independent institutions by winning 12 awards both at the national and international levels. At the national level, TTL received the BUMN Award 2024 as the Best Corporate in Implementing Greenport , BUMN Marketing Award 2024 as the Most Promising Company , TOP CSR Award 2024, the Best Performing Port Terminal Operator from KSOP Tanjung Perak, Zero Accident and P2 HIV AIDS/AIDS from the East Java Provincial Manpower Office, and Implementation of SMK3 with an achievement of 93.98% from the Governor of East Java.

Not only at the national level, TTL also received international awards from the Global Port Forum in Dubai at the Global Port Forum Award 2024 event as Terminal CEO of The Year 2024 and Greenport of The Year 2024.

"TTL will continue to strive to carry out strategic partnerships, market expansion, and the operation of container terminals included in the Pelindo Group strategic plan. We are confident that together with all stakeholders we will be able to realize better performance in the future," concluded David.

(ISL News Editorial Team/Corcom TTL/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).


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  • Intensifying BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT through STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP, TTL's Performance in Semester I of 2024 Increased Sharply


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