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Pangkalan PLP Tanjung Priok Receives a Visit from Students of the Criminal Investigation Center of the National Police Education and Training Center

18/06/24, 10:28 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-18T03:30:39Z

 - The Tg. Priok Sea and Coast Guard Sea and Coast Guard Base, Directorate General of Transportation, received a visit from 34 KPLP Sea and Coast Guard PPNS Investigator education participants who came from several UPTs within the Directorate General of Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation who were accompanied by trainers from the AKBP Police Criminal Investigation Center. Sudar, IPTU Limbong and Bripda Pandu Riadi as well as representatives from the Gakkum Sub-Directorate of the KPLP Sea and Coast Guard with a length of education of 400 JP or 2 months from April 22 to June 21 2024.


During the visit, he was received by the Head of the Tg. Priok Sea and Coast Guard Base, represented by the Head of the Operations Section, Aswin. S.Sos, MM along with a team of PPNS Investigators Pangkalan PLP Tg.Priok which was continued by sharing knowledge, practices and discussions related to investigations and law enforcement in Indonesian sea and coastal waters which will be carried out by PPNS KPLP Sea and Coast Guard Investigators in carrying out their authority duties and future responsibilities.


On this occasion, the Tg.Priok Sea and Beach Guard Base received souvenirs from the Crime Investigation Center which were handed over by AKBP. Sudar and received by the Head of Operations Section Aswin. S. Sos. MM.


Head of PLP T.Priok Base, Dr. Triono, in his speech read by the Head of the Operational Operations Section, said that in the future the duties of KPLP Sea and Coast Guard Investigators will be increasingly full of challenges and dynamics in line with advances in information technology and changes in modes of shipping and maritime crimes, so PPNS KPLP Investigators are expected to be able to carry out these duties to law enforcement so that shipping safety and security as well as protection of the maritime environment can be achieved so that smooth transportation, trade and logistics supply chains can be achieved for the economic progress of the Indonesian nation and state.


The objectives of the visit are:

1. Increasing the Capacity of Investigators: Holding training and workshops aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of PPNS KPLP investigators in handling cases that occur in water areas.


2. Inter-Agency Collaboration: Strengthen cooperation between the KPLP Directorate and the National Police's Criminal Investigation and Training Center to build synergy in maritime law enforcement, including the exchange of information and resources.


3. Development of SOPs: Develop and refine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in handling cases, investigations and law enforcement at sea and beaches.


 Some of the activities carried out are as follows:

1. Training and Simulation: Holding intensive training and simulations for handling various maritime cases, such as smuggling, illegal fishing and other legal violations.


2. Discussion and Evaluation: Discussion of ongoing cases, performance evaluation, and sharing best practices to increase the effectiveness of investigations.


3. Utilization of Technology: Demonstration and training on the use of the latest technology in maritime investigations, such as the use of drones, automated monitoring systems, and data analysis software.


Benefits of Collaboration

1. Improving the Quality of Law Enforcement: With this collaboration, it is hoped that law enforcement in water areas can run more effectively and professionally, so as to reduce the number of law violations.


2. Operational Efficiency: Exchange of information and resources between the two agencies can improve operational efficiency, reduce duplication of work, and speed up the investigation process.


3. Investigator Capabilities: PPNS KPLP investigators will gain new knowledge and skills that can be applied in daily tasks, increasing individual and organizational capabilities.


4. National Synergy: Building synergy between institutions in maritime law enforcement will strengthen security and order in Indonesian waters, supporting government policies in maintaining maritime sovereignty.


It is hoped that this working visit is a strategic step in strengthening cooperation between the Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard KPLP Directorate and the National Police Education and Training Center's Criminal Investigation Center. With better training, evaluation and development of SOPs, it is hoped that more effective and efficient maritime law enforcement can be created, as well as improving security and safety in Indonesian waters.


(Editor of ISL News/MTH515). 


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  • Pangkalan PLP Tanjung Priok Receives a Visit from Students of the Criminal Investigation Center of the National Police Education and Training Center


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