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21/04/24, 18:12 WIB Last Updated 2024-04-21T11:13:33Z

URABAYA (ISL News) - Hundreds of employees and outsourced workers in the Tanjung Perak Port area this Friday morning (19/04/2024) took part in the JASTIP (Active Healthy Walks) program initiated by the Change Agents of Pelindo Sub Regional 3 Java. The healthy walking route starts from the Pelindo Sub Regional 3 Java office yard - Jalan Perak Timur - PHC Hospital - Jalan Perak Barat - until finishing at the Pelindo Sub Regional 3 Java Office yard.

The JASTIP (Healthy Walk Activated) program is one of 3 (three) corporate culture programs proposed by the Change Agent Pelindo Sub Regional 3 Java as a program initiative originating from the HO Culture Management Team, where a Change Catalist Team has been formed which aims to building a company culture that strengthens AKHLAK values ​​and encourages company performance achievement.

The Change Catalist team in the Pelindo Sub Regional Java area consists of the Change Leader, namely the Sub Regional Head Java, Change Champion, namely the Senior Regional Manager HR & General, and members of the Change Agent Pelindo Sub Regional 3 Java.

This program is planned to be implemented once a month with the aim of improving employee health and fitness, providing an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships between colleagues (harmonization between Java Sub Regional employees), providing opportunities to talk, exchange ideas, and strengthen ties between employees, and supporting Pelindo's management program, namely Pelindo Walk.

Bambang Hasbullah, Java Sub Regional Head of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Regional 3 Java Sub Regional and also as Change Leader said that his party agrees with the JASTIP (Active Healthy Walk) program because it can provide positive benefits for improving the health of all employees in the Port environment Tanjung Perak.

"Walking as the simplest form of exercise can become a culture within employees within Pelindo Sub Regional Java, which will later have a positive impact on the Medical Check Up that is programmed by the company every year," he said during his speech.

Bambang hopes that what we do that day can provide positive benefits to each of us and the company which is currently building and improving services towards a better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Dwi Sukma Wati, as one of the Change Agent representatives for Pelindo Sub Regional Java, said that the JASTIP program is a program for internalizing AKHLAK core values ​​in each unit which was initiated by the Pelindo HO Culture Management Team. This program is planned to be implemented once a month alternating with joint morning exercise activities which are also the implementation of the Corporate Culture Program, namely Pelindo's Healthy Friday and has been implemented every 2 weeks in the Java Sub Regional Pelindo environment.

"Apart from JASTIP, we also have 2 (two) other programs such as MARITIME (Meeting With Results and On Time) which is an Effective Meeting implementation program which is carried out during Management Meetings & SNOW (Sharing Knowledge) which is a Break The Silo (BTS) program which "aims to foster learning initiatives (self-learning) for employees and share experiences with colleagues/superiors/subordinates in order to increase knowledge, convey ideas, and solve problems for obstacles faced at work," he said.

The implementation of these three programs will continue from January to December 2024. And it is hoped that the entire Change Agent program can be realized well within Pelindo Sub Regional 3 Java.

(Editor of ISL News? Regional Public Relations 3 Surabaya).

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