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Terminal Teluk Lamong Successfully docked MV. Danae R, Ship displacing 75,740 tons

15/03/24, 10:48 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-15T03:49:48Z

 - Terminal Teluk Lamong (TTL), a subsidiary of Sub Holding Pelindo Terminal Container (SPTP) warmly welcomed the arrival of MV Danae R, a Bahamas-flagged ship which is 225 meters long.

With a ship weight of 75,740 tons and a depth/draft of 13.27 meters, the MV Danae R is a bulk ship with the deepest draft ever to dock at TTL and enter Tanjung Perak Port.

The readiness of the infrastructure and effectiveness of unloading operations at TTL has succeeded in attracting the interest of large vessels that require sufficient pool depth.

MV Danae R successfully docked smoothly at TTL's dry bulk dock, breaking the record for MV Tramontana with a draft of 13.14 meters which stopped at TTL in 2022.

The Main Director of Teluk Lamong Terminal, David Pandapotan Sirait, stated that the TTL dry bulk dock currently has a dock pool depth of -14 meters LWS which is one of TTL's advantages, so that ships that require a deep draft can dock.

The docking process of the MV Danae R went smoothly due to good coordination from the relevant parties and thorough risk mitigation.

"Thank you to the brave pilots and good coordination between the Pelindo SPJM, PMS, Regional 3 and KSOP Tanjung Perak ship service teams," said David in praise.

A total of 68,733 tons of corn commodities from Brazil imported by Perum Bulog arrived last Sunday (10/03), and were unloaded at TTL as a single port/single destination, namely the only port trusted to unload all cargo.

The process of unloading the dry bulk ship MV Danae R at TTL is served by 2 Grab Ship Unloader units with a capacity of 2000 tonnes/hour, 2 lane conveyors and a warehouse with a capacity of 200,000 tonnes which are all integrated and environmentally friendly.

TTL President Director, David Sirait said that the modern equipment at TTL is attractive to service users because it promises superior speed and accuracy in dry bulk unloading performance.

The environmentally friendly concept promoted also provides added value for service users amidst the global trend for environmentally friendly business.

"This achievement proves that TTL has become a port that is trusted to serve large ships with the support of modern and environmentally friendly infrastructure facilities," said David.

(ISL News Editorial/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • Terminal Teluk Lamong Successfully docked MV. Danae R, Ship displacing 75,740 tons


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