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In 2024, Teluk Lamong Terminal targets an increase in goods flows to reach 879,978 TEUs or grow 3.2%

15/03/24, 10:12 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-15T03:13:08Z


 PT Terminal Teluk Lamong (TTL) held a working meeting for 2024. The strategy for strengthening operational and commercial services was the main topic of discussion as well as the company's strategic steps to achieve the 2024 performance target.

At a work meeting held for two days on 4-5 March 2024, TTL Commissioner, Zaki Zulfikar, in his speech expressed his appreciation for the excellent performance achievements in 2023. "The challenges of 2024 will be very different because of the current macro economic conditions, so TTL must be more solid, innovative and collaborative in achieving future company targets," he said.

In 2024, Teluk Lamong Terminal targets an increase in goods flows to reach 879,978 TEUs or growth of 3.2%. So TTL needs to move quickly to formulate an action program to achieve this target through strengthening operational and commercial strategies.

One of the strengthening strategies from the commercial side carried out by TTL is exploring the potential of new markets and starting to open up business opportunities from the side of goods owners and industry, while the strengthening strategy from the operational side carried out by TTL will focus on 5 things: Skilled Frontline Operations, Safety Environment , Optimal Port Equipment Availability, Standardized Operations Based on P&C, Cost Efficiency in Operations.

Another strategy that was implemented in the previous year and continued is revenue enhancement and cost efficiency . "Revenue enhancement continues to be carried out through increasing domestic and international ship traffic to TTL, either adding new route services or adding adhoc ships ," explained David P. Sirait, Main Director of PT Terminal Teluk Lamong.

On the other hand, cost efficiency is also carried out through fuel and electricity use efficiency programs by reviewing processes to obtain more effective operating patterns. This will also have a positive impact on reducing emissions at the port and is an environmental preservation effort which has become TTL's value as a Green Port.

In carrying out future company programs, David did not forget to ask all employees to pay attention to K3 aspects and mitigate risks in carrying out every business process at TTL.   

The 2024 work meeting is a strategic forum and evaluation forum for the company to prepare the next work program. The focus on operational and commercial strengthening is very suitable to support the transformation carried out intensively by PT Pelindo.

At the end of his briefing, David expressed his thanks to all meeting participants. "TTL's achievements and accomplishments in 2023 are the result of all of us, then we need to carry out internal cascading to provide understanding downwards so that the translation of this strategic direction can be executed well," concluded David.

(Editorial ISL News/Corcom TTL/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).  


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  • In 2024, Teluk Lamong Terminal targets an increase in goods flows to reach 879,978 TEUs or grow 3.2%


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