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IPC Terminal Petikemas or IPC TPK Ensure WORK SAFETY

16/03/24, 09:34 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-16T02:45:31Z


 IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK, one of the container terminal operators at Tanjung Priok Port, which is the largest port in Indonesia, consistently strives to ensure security, health and safety at work in operational areas. Security, health and safety at work are one of the keys to the smooth process of loading and unloading containers and the flow of goods at the port. One effort was made by holding a Joint Drill with stakeholders, Pelindo Group subsidiaries, security officers and partners operating at Tanjung Priok Port (5/3/2024).

"IPC TPK continues to strive to create a safe working environment, one of which is through joint drill activities where simulations of emergency responses that occur in operational areas are carried out. Ports must be safe and free of disturbances for the smooth distribution of goods. Combined drills are important in equalizing perceptions and educating all relevant stakeholders." said Guna Mulyana, Main Director of IPC TPK.

This series of combined drills includes morning roll call, operator rescue, fire extinguishing and training on the use of fire extinguishers in fire situations. This activity is an effort to find out rescue techniques and the use of APAR during an incident. The activity began with a joint call between IPC TPK, PT Tanjung Priok Port, Pelindo Regional 2 Tanjung Priok, Pelindo Daya Sejahtera Security, IPC TPK Loading and Unloading Company Partners and the Tanjung Priok Port fire brigade.

The morning assembly was led by Pelindo Regional 2 Tanjung Priok. It was attended by Tanjung Priok 1 IPC TPK Area Manager Hermana Widhyohadi, PT Tanjung Priok Port Management Representative, Pelindo Regional 2 Tanjung Priok Management Representative as well as 100 security personnel consisting of HSSE Officers, Fire and Security Officers.

The previous year IPC TPK held an ISPS Code Exercise at Tanjung Priok Port. This activity is carried out by simulating port security measures against pirates/individuals who enter the port without permission with the aim of disrupting port operations and security. Thus, this simulation activity has become a routine agenda for IPC TPK in preparation for disaster management and port security.

"By holding the Joint Drill, it is hoped that the Emergency Response Team can take appropriate action in dealing with emergency conditions in the Port area with proper coordination and communication." close Guna Mulyana.

(Editorial ISL News/Corcom IPC TPK/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • IPC Terminal Petikemas or IPC TPK Ensure WORK SAFETY


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