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Pelindo Solusi Logistik or SPSL Involves UMKM in Distributing Takjil to TKBM and Surrounding Communities

26/03/24, 10:09 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-26T03:10:37Z

 PT Pelindo Solusi Logistik or SPSL shares the blessings of Ramadhan by providing fast breaking meals (takjil) to loading and unloading workers (TKBM), truck drivers and the community around the company's operational areas.

More than 2000 takjil packages which are MSME products were distributed as a form of gratitude and implementation of the company's Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL).

"This takjil sharing activity is one of SPSL's routine agendas in the Holy month of Ramadhan. "This year we chose MSME products, so that apart from the takjil packages, those who need them can feel the benefits, but at the same time they also support the welfare of MSME players," said Kiki M. Hikmat as Senior Vice President of the SPSL Corporate Secretariat.

Kiki explained that this takjil sharing activity also involved SPSL employees as part of Employee Social Responsibility  (ESR) which is expected to foster employee initiative to be able to play an active role in the Company's TJSL activities.

This takjil sharing activity was well received by the community. Budi, a TKBM worker in the Tanjung Priok common area , said that this activity was useful for him who had just finished work when it was almost time to break the fast.

"Thank you SPSL and Pelindo Group, it really helped me. "However, in my opinion, takjil assistance needs to be expanded, and carried out every day during Ramadan," said Budi.

Ahmad, a truck driver who was crossing the Cibitung – Cilincing Toll Road (JTCC) Gate, said the same thing. Ahmad hopes that the month of Ramadan will bring blessings to SPSL, Pelindo Group and all of us.

Kiki M. Hikmat added, apart from the takjil sharing program, during the holy month of Ramadhan SPSL also carried out other activities entitled the "Pelindo Sharing Ramadhan" program which was initiated by Pelindo as SPSL's parent company, including a compensation sharing program and a basic food sharing program.

"Not only the "Pelindo Shares Ramadhan" program, this year SPSL is also supporting the Government's program by participating in helping local residents who are going home to their hometowns in the Free Homecoming Program with the Pelindo Group BUMN," concluded Kiki.

(Editor of ISL News/Corcom SPSL/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).


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  • Pelindo Solusi Logistik or SPSL Involves UMKM in Distributing Takjil to TKBM and Surrounding Communities


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