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PT Pelayaran Lingga Marintama Transportation Solutions for Various Domestic and International Commodities

27/02/24, 07:54 WIB Last Updated 2024-02-27T00:55:16Z

 – The continued increase in the fleet of newest barges belonging to PT Pelayaran Lingga Marintama which is part of the Citra Borneo Indah (CBI) Group further strengthens the quality of service. In fact, this shipping company is ready to transport various commodities, not only domestically, but also abroad. 

CEO of PT Pelayaran Lingga Marintama, Erry Akbar Panggabean, previously (2021) explained that the barge built by Ship Builder Citra Shipyard Batam was capable of transporting 3,000 tons of CPO and other palm oil derivative products.

"Because this ship was built in 2021, of course it is equipped with navigation equipment and engines with the latest technology. The aim is that this ship can optimize its carrying capacity and optimize the process of loading and unloading cargo," explained Erry Akbar Panggabean.

According to Erry Akbar Panggabean, the LM Tanjung Beringin ship also has dual classes, namely domestic, regional and international.

"Then this ship also has international maritime standards. So it can sail not only in Indonesian territory, but can sail in international waters," explained Erry Akbar Panggabean.

Erry Akbar Panggabean explained that PT Pelayaran Lingga Marintama initially only served to transport various products for internal companies that were part of the CBI Group.

"However, now we can also serve various clients from other companies outside the CBI Group who need solutions to the problem of transporting various products," explained Erry Akbar Panggabean.

Because, continued Erry Akbar Panggabean, with a strengthened fleet of 11 vessels of various types, PT Pelayaran Lingga Marintama is also able to serve transportation of commodities other than processed palm oil products.

"We can now serve various dry products such as oil cake, shells and even coal. Of course, what is the future target, we can continue to maximize transport capacity and routes, so that all clients both within the CBI Group and from companies outside the business group feel satisfied with our service," added Erry Akbar Panggabean.

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  • PT Pelayaran Lingga Marintama Transportation Solutions for Various Domestic and International Commodities


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