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Pelindo Soslusi Logistik or SPSL Maintains Environmental Sustainability and Empowers Communities Through the Fisherman's Friends Program

23/02/24, 10:32 WIB Last Updated 2024-02-23T03:34:25Z

 PT Pelindo Solusi Logistik or (“SPSL”) as a Subholding of the Pelindo Port BUMN in the logistics and hinterland development cluster reaffirms its commitment to environmental preservation and community empowerment through the Social and Environmental Responsibility (“TJSL”) program entitled Friends Fishermen by providing assistance with 2 (two) units of floating cages for cultivating green mussels on the sea coast of Jakarta.

Through the Cikal Cendikia Salsabila Foundation and the Rumah Nelayan Indonesia fishermen group, this assistance is expected to provide benefits to fishermen so that they can create better economic value, improve the economy of the community in the program implementation area, and reduce damage to the marine ecosystem.

Kiki M. Hikmat as Senior Vice President of the SPSL Corporate Secretariat said, SPSL as a BUMN Subsidiary is committed to continuing to focus on operational and business activities, but also strives to implement TJSL programs that directly touch aspects of community life which aim to support the implementation of ESG ( Environmental, Social, and Governance ).

"The TJSL Friends of Fishermen program is an independent economic empowerment activity and a form of concern for nature and the community, especially fishermen. So companies can play an important role in improving people's quality of life and providing sustainable benefits. "We really hope that fishermen in Indonesia, especially in the waters of Seribu Islands, can live prosperously," said Kiki.

Through this program, SPSL participates in improving environmental quality or Sustainable Development Goal (TPB) no. 14, namely marine ecosystems, where the presence of green mussels can have a positive impact on biodiversity because green mussels are a hard substrate or foundation for laying the eggs of various marine biota. and become a shelter structure and source of food for various types. Apart from that, this program is also an effort to empower coastal communities by helping to provide a source of income and livelihood which is the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (TPB) no. 8, namely decent work and economic growth.

One of the administrators of the Rumah Nelayan Indonesia fishermen group, Umar Pamungkas, admitted that the TJSL SPSL program had provided benefits for him. This is because through the assistance provided, SPSL can increase the number of green mussels that can be cultivated and harvested.

"This assistance from SPSL is very beneficial for us, especially economically. This green mussel cultivation activity is one of our sources of livelihood apart from being fishermen, so through this assistance we will be able to develop our business and increase our income. "From the harvest of green mussels, various forms of processed products are also produced, namely packaged green mussels that have had their shells peeled and shellfish sauce," explained Umar in his statement.

"Through this TJSL program, we hope to make a positive contribution in helping the government, as directed by the Minister of BUMN that the BUMN TJSL program should focus on 3 (three) priority areas, namely Education, Environment and Micro Small Enterprises (UMK) Development," concluded Kiki .

(Editor of ISL News/Corcom SPSL/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).


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  • Pelindo Soslusi Logistik or SPSL Maintains Environmental Sustainability and Empowers Communities Through the Fisherman's Friends Program


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