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Commemorating the 36th Anniversary of PANGKALAN PLP, Pangkalan PLP TANJUNG PRIOK Holds BLOOD DONATION

20/02/24, 17:55 WIB Last Updated 2024-02-20T12:32:26Z

 – In commemoration of the 36th Anniversary of the Sea and Coast Guard Base (PLP) which falls on February 26 2024, PLP Class I Base Tanjung Priok held a Blood Donation social activity on Tuesday (20/2) at the Head Office of the Ministry of Transportation, Jakarta.


Director General of Sea Transportation Capt. Antoni Arif Priadi, when directly visiting the blood donation activity, expressed his thanks to the Persahabatan Central General Hospital (RSUP) and BKKP as well as all parties who participated in the smooth running of today's activities.


Secretary of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation Lollan Panjaitan also expressed his thanks when opening the blood donation event to Persahabatan Hospital, BKKP and also the ranks of the PLP Tanjung Priok Base who had carried out this humanitarian activity.


"This is a form of our concern for the environment and the people around us who are in need," said Lollan.


Lollan further said, apart from celebrating Pangkalan PLP's anniversary, this activity is also part of the 51st anniversary of the Maritime and Coast Guard Unit (KPLP) and this is a momentum for us to better understand our role and function which must always prioritize the safety and security of services. .


On the same occasion, Head of PLP Tanjung Priok Base Triono revealed that this blood donation activity is routinely carried out every year and aims to enable us to be directly involved in humanitarian activities because there are still many people who need blood. 


"The drop of blood that we give will be very beneficial for people in need so that those of us who are healthy can donate blood through blood donation activities today," said Triono.


Meanwhile, the Head of the General Bureau, Andi Hartono, who was one of the blood donors, admitted that he was very happy to be able to share it with fellow humans.


"It's great to still be able to share with others on this PLP Pangkalan Birthday, God willing, it can be useful for those in need," said Andi.


The activities carried out together with the Jakarta Friendship Hospital were attended by around 150 employees of the Head Office of the Ministry of Transportation and employees of the Tanjung Priok PLP Base.  


(Editor of ISL News/Maritime Transportation Public Relations).

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  • Commemorating the 36th Anniversary of PANGKALAN PLP, Pangkalan PLP TANJUNG PRIOK Holds BLOOD DONATION


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