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TPS OR Terminal Petikemas Surabaya, BUSINESS PROFILE

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  PT TERMINAL PETIKEMAS SURABAYA or TPS, is a world-class standard Container Terminal in Indonesia, which continues to be committed to maintaining TPS's unique and prominent position as the Gateway to the Eastern Indonesia Region.

Therefore, TPS's commitment is to ensure that the company is able to provide the quality services needed to support Indonesia's economic growth and to provide the best service to customers.

With the company motto of Reliable Terminal with Service Excellence, customer satisfaction is TPS's top priority.

And to achieve this goal, the company has a VISION including:

  • Providing and ensuring that the services provided to customers, namely loading and unloading containers are timely and scheduled.
  • Providing extra services to customers if their containers require more space or additional equipment, such as reefer plugs, which are used to maintain the container's cool temperature.
  • Providing other additional facilities, during unloading or loading of containers, such as providing clean water or fuel.
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction by providing service for them wholeheartedly.


The mission of PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya is to become a company that continues to advance, responsive, and trustworthy, which provides container terminal facilities that can meet all demands for both domestic and international trade for the entire trading community in the eastern part of Indonesia.

To achieve these targets, the company strives to:

  • Providing transportation services to customers that can guarantee safe, efficient and timely delivery of goods.
  • Ensure that a safe and environmentally friendly working environment is maintained.
  • Developing employee potential optimally.
  • Participate in increasing trading activities to ensure business success and strive for a reasonable level of return on investment for shareholders.
  • Striving to garner support from the wider community in carrying out its role as a community-owned company.



Reliable Terminal with Service Excellence

As a container terminal that deals with buyers both domestically and internationally, the company must be reliable and trustworthy.

Therefore, to become a reliable container terminal, the company must be supported by perfect service. TPS encourages its employees and business partners to achieve perfect service to its customers.


R: Responsive, TPS must be responsive to customer complaints
E: Empathy, TPS must empathize with customer problems
L: Learning, TPS accepts experience as a means of learning in the process of a better future
I: Innovation, TPS services are supported by the latest equipment and computer systems
A: Ability, TPS services are supported by people who are experts in their fields
B: Benefit, customers enjoy the benefits of TPS services
L: Leading, TPS leads at the forefront in service quality
E: Effective and Efficient, TPS implements appropriate strategies in facing business competition


Head Office and Business Services of PT TPS please contact:  Jl. Tanjung Mutiara No. 1 Surabaya 60177, Indonesia Telephone contact: 031-3202020 email: cs@tps.co.id   email:  corporatecommunications@tps.co.id


Pelindo Place Office Tower: Jl. East Perak No. 478, North Perak, Pabean Cantikan District, Surabaya 60165 East Java - Indonesia

Corporate Communications : 031- 3283269 


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  • TPS OR Terminal Petikemas Surabaya, BUSINESS PROFILE


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