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TPK Koja again Realizes TJSL Khitanan Massal for 100 Children in Collaboration with Hospital. PMC

24/06/24, 16:32 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-24T09:44:21Z

 - Koja Container Terminal or TPK Koja today, Sunday 23 June 2024, is once again implementing the Social Responsibility or TJSL mass circumcision program for 100 children from the community around the company.

According to Ferdiyan, Deputy General Manager (DGM) for HR and Administration at TPK Koja, Mass Circumcision is a corporate social responsibility (TJSL) program or also known as the CSR Program, which is held regularly every year.

"We, TPK Koja, as a company do not only focus on seeking profits for the State (dividends) every year. "In line with that, our business profits go to the TJSL Program every year," said Ferdiyan, when interviewed by ISL News Editorial Team , on the sidelines of the ceremonial event or opening of the Mass Circumcision Event.

TJSL Mass Circumcision, said Ferdiyan, is intended for children from the community around the company, starting from Cilincing District, Koja District and Tanjung Priok District.

"This mass circumcision will certainly reduce the burden on community members to some extent, so that their sons can be circumcised immediately," he said.

"We would like to thank the PMC Hospital for their cooperation in organizing this mass circumcision. "Hopefully circumcised children will be healthy and also be part of the perfection of the Islamic religion," he said.

 "And we (TPK Koja) also hope that this activity can increase the relationship and synergy between TPK Koja and the surrounding community," he added.

Dr.dr.Efrila, MH,, as SVP of Operations at Harbor Hospital, representing the Director of PT RS Pelabuhan, in his speech expressed his appreciation for the activities of KSO TPK Koja which take place regularly every year.  

"So that the circumcision activity runs smoothly, the best services and services at PMC Hospital are prepared, there are also surgeons who are ready to serve well, guarding against unforeseen possibilities," he said.

"We provide the best service and in the future we hope that this cooperation and synergy can continue on an ongoing basis," said Doctor Efrila, in his opening remarks.

Also present at the TPK Koja Mass Circumcision event were the Director of PMC Hospital, Drg. Budi Karmawan MARS, Medical Support Manager at PMC Hospital drg. Fitria Indriari, Branch Manager of Bank BNI Tanjung Priok Branch Hasanul Aswadi Nasution, Head of Tanjung Priok Village, Teguh and TPK Koja Company Secretary Paulus Cahyandaru and Dzul Haromain as Public Relations of TPK Koja.

(ISL News Editorial/email : islnewstv@gmail.com ).

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  • TPK Koja again Realizes TJSL Khitanan Massal for 100 Children in Collaboration with Hospital. PMC


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