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Supply Chain Indonesia Or SCI Appreciates TANJUNG PRIOK PORT Ranking 23rd IN THE WORLD

10/06/24, 09:34 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-10T02:34:59Z


 Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI) appreciates Tanjung Priok Port for reaching 23rd position in the global ranking of container ports. This achievement is extraordinary because in 2022 the port will be ranked 281st. Tanjung Priok Port is now ranked third in the ASEAN region after the Port of Tanjung Pjauh Malaysia and Singapore.

Founder and CEO SCI Setijadi said this in connection with the recent release of The Container Port Performance Index (CPPI) 2023 by the World Bank Group together with S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The release also noted the ranking of several other major sea ports in Indonesia, namely Tanjung Perak Port ranked 101, Tanjung Emas Port ranked 150, and Belawan Port ranked 308.

Setijadi stated that comparing the performance of container ports globally is important to encourage improvements in port performance which will influence logistics performance through increasing the efficiency of shipping time and costs, as well as reducing uncertainty and disruption in the supply chain.

The performance of container ports greatly influences the competitiveness of products and commodities in the global supply chain, because as stated in the release, more than 80 percent of global trade volume is sent via sea transportation and more than 60 percent of shipping is by container.


SCI Recommendations

SCI provides recommendations related to port performance and efforts to increase national logistics efficiency.

First, make the achievements of Tanjung Priok Port a lesson learned for improving the performance of ports in Indonesia, especially container ports.

Second, continuing to organize and develop hub & spoke ports in Indonesia to realize the principle of "locally integrated & globally connected".

Third, development of a multimodal transportation system with sea transportation as a backbone that is integrated with hinterland transportation for each region based on the geographical characteristics of Indonesia as an archipelagic country.

Fourth, continue infrastructure development, both at nodes and in integrated transportation networks, based on a master plan for the development of national connectivity infrastructure.

Fifth, increasing and strengthening the implementation of the National Logistics Ecosystem (NLE), which was initiated to improve Indonesia's logistics performance by primarily encouraging time and cost efficiency.

Sixth, increasing collaboration and synergy between logistics service providers, between logistics service providers and users, as well as increasing support from other stakeholders, including related ministries/institutions in an integrated manner to smooth logistics flows.

(ISL News Editorial/SCI Public Relations/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).  



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  • Supply Chain Indonesia Or SCI Appreciates TANJUNG PRIOK PORT Ranking 23rd IN THE WORLD


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