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Pelindo Regional 2 organize it 'Forum Humas' with the theme Managing Crisis and Reputation in the Era of Social Media

29/06/24, 13:37 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-29T06:38:21Z

 In today's digital era, social media is a broad platform and is often used to search for various kinds of information. A positive company image can also be built through social media by building personal branding and determining the target audience.

In an effort to increase collaboration and harmony in public relations, Pelindo Regional 2 held a Pelindo Regional 2 Public Relations Forum with the theme "Turning Crisis into Opportunity : Building Public Trust Through Media" which was held for 2 days (26-27 June) at the Indonesian Maritime Museum, with followed by public relations executives from 12 Pelindo Regional 2 branches, Pelindo Solusi Logistik subholding along with children and grandchildren of Pelindo Group companies.

The purpose of this public relations forum is to educate public relations practitioners to work together to build a positive company image through social media platforms.

Executive Director Regional 2 Drajat Sulistyo in his speech said that in this digital era, information transparency is very easy, therefore the public relations team must also be more selective in sharing information and activities so that a positive image is maintained, especially in the port sector and its regulations.

"The key to success for the public relations department is to master the available information to build the company's image, especially information about ports, use social media as a means for the public to be aware of ports and maritime affairs," said Drajat.

The event was filled with speakers from Tempo Journalist Budi Setyarso and Communication Practitioner from the University of Indonesia Sutji Lantyka who discussed the main points of the Press Release, as well as tips and tricks so that news can attract the attention of the wider community to be read.

The PR forum participants were also equipped with social media skills by inviting Anintya Novitasari & Muhammad Ikbal from Pelindo Digital Squad who gave a workshop with the theme "Create Content From Scratch".

The training explained how social media influences a company and its benefits, because the algorithm of social media offers free promotion to each user if the content created is in accordance with the target audience.

Anintya explained, to create interesting content, content planning and content pillars are needed so that a structured content strategy can be prepared so that it has an impact on company engagement. If you have good engagement, public awareness of the company and public trust can increase.

The event ended with the signing of the Joint Commitment for Implementing Public Relations Functions in the Pelindo Regional Environment by the public relations implementers from each Pelindo branch in Regional 2.

In closing, Regional Division Head of HR and General Services for Pelindo Regional 2 Dian Vegawati expressed her gratitude for the participation and enthusiasm of the public relations implementers during the Pelindo Regional 2 Public Relations Forum event.

It is hoped that through this activity, Public Relations implementers can apply the two core values ​​of AKHLAK, namely Competent and Loyal, where public relations friends can master the field of public relations by building a positive image of the company and also being more proactive in handling publications.

(ISL News Editorial Team/Hmas Pelindo Regional 2/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • Pelindo Regional 2 organize it 'Forum Humas' with the theme Managing Crisis and Reputation in the Era of Social Media


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