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Pelindo Tanjung Emas Branch Conducts Long Term Planning and Investment to Anticipate Rob Floods

28/06/24, 08:32 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-28T01:33:41Z

  – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Tanjung Emas Port Semarang Branch continues to be committed to improving services and smooth port operations amidst the tidal phenomenon that has hit the north coast of Semarang. As a strategic step, Pelindo has formulated long-term planning and investment to anticipate and deal with the impact of tidal waves in the port area.

This was conveyed directly by the Senior Manager of Law and Public Relations of Pelindo Regional 3 Karlinda Sari, according to her, this effort is in line with the direction of the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, who encouraged the acceleration of handling of tidal flooding at Tanjung Emas Port to minimize disruption to logistics and the economy.

Karlinda explained, not only long-term investment, in terms of handling rob floods, Pelindo has carried out routine handling to ensure that port operations remain smooth when rob comes. Among them are the readiness of 56 pump houses, retention ponds in the port area to the use of the Early Warning System (EWS) by collaborating with BMKG and the local BPBD to detect early potential rob and provide warnings to port service users.

"Currently our facilities are able to anticipate and overcome the Rob phenomenon in the port area, but another problem is the phenomenon of significant land subsidence every year. The solution is a long-term investment and must be done with the right study and time." Said Karlinda Senior Manager of Public Relations Law.

Karlinda added that a number of works that focus on long-term flood management at the Port of Tanjung Emas have been completed in 2022 to 2024, including road raising, raising the Ocean Pier, raising the embankment and lining on the north side of the Semarang Container Terminal pier, as well as raising the Container Yard, dredging. harbor pool and breakwater revitalization.

Meanwhile, other long-term follow-up investments, such as the procurement of  portable pumps , procurement of retention pond pumps, as well as further work on the elevation of the Container Yard and docks, as well as the elevation of the road will continue to be carried out and are targeted to be completed in 2028. This is an effort by the Port of Tanjung Emas. adaptive to various conditions.

"Rob is one of the main challenges for the Port of Tanjung Emas, but with careful planning and investment, we are confident that we can overcome it effectively and sustainably," added Karlinda.

As is known, Tanjung Emas Port has an important role in the logistics distribution chain and economy of Central Java. It is hoped that with these efforts, Tanjung Emas Port can continue to be the main port in Central Java that is reliable and  resilient  to the challenges of climate change and the rob phenomenon.

(ISL News Editorial/Pelindo Regional Java Public Relations/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • Pelindo Tanjung Emas Branch Conducts Long Term Planning and Investment to Anticipate Rob Floods


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