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ASDP Predicts There Will Be An Increase Of 10 Percent, Peak Flow Of Mudik Iedul Adha Holiday 1445 Hijriah

18/06/24, 11:17 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-18T04:18:48Z


 - PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) is ready to serve the movement of the community using ferry transport during the long Eid al-Adha holiday, which falls on Monday (17/6/2024) and continues with collective leave on Tuesday ( 6/18/2024).

ASDP Corporate Secretary Shelvy Arifin said that management ensures the readiness of port and ship infrastructure as well as adequate supporting facilities to serve service users to welcome the long weekend which also coincides with Eid al-Adha on Monday (17/6) and collective leave on Tuesday (18/6). . It is estimated that the peak flow will depart on Saturday (15/6) and the peak return flow will be on Tuesday (18/6).

"For the Merak-Bakauheni and Ketapang-Gilimanuk routes, we ensure the readiness of ports and ships to face the surge in service users making land and ferry trips. "Of course, we also ask for the cooperation of service users to prepare their journey well, make online ticket reservations for a maximum of H-1 so that they get a crossing experience that runs smoothly, safely, comfortably and safely to their destination," said Shelvy.

Meanwhile, vehicle and passenger movements during the Idul Adha holiday period this year are estimated to increase by around 10 percent compared to the same period last year.

Especially on the busy route, namely the Merak-Bakauheni route, there are 30 boats ready to operate 24 hours with a total of 123 trips. Meanwhile, on the Ketapang-Gilimanuk route, there are 28 boats operating 24 hours with a total of 200 trips.

As a comparison, if we refer to the _long weekend_ period during the Ascension Day holiday of Jesus Christ last Thursday (9/5), where production figures on the Merak-Bakauheni route were observed to be sloping with an average number of vehicles produced at 6,000 to 8,000 units per day and The peak flow of departures was 8,610 vehicles.

ASDP recorded that the total movement of vehicles and passengers served during the long holiday period was 26,122 vehicles and 125,950 passengers via two main crossing routes, namely Merak-Bakauheni and Ketapang-Gilimanuk for the period Wednesday (8/5) to Sunday (12/5).

Meanwhile, during the long weekend period for Vesak Day which fell on Thursday (23/5), Java-Sumatra crossing traffic via Merak and Bakauheni Ports recorded 34,375 passengers and 9,010 vehicles leaving Java Island for Sumatra on Thursday (23/5).

The number of vehicles has increased by around 50 percent compared to the average daily production from Merak to Bakauheni of around 6,000 units per 24 hours.

Meanwhile, based on data from the 2024 Lebaran Command Post, the average number of vehicles crossing on weekdays is 11,992 units per day, while on weekends it is 14,511 units per day.

However, continued Shelvy, ASDP ensures that the availability of public facilities and services at major ports such as in Merak, Bakauheni, Ketapang and Gilimanuk is very adequate. In fact, it has been improved since before the Eid transport service last April. For example, at Merak Port there are 50 toll gates and vending machines, 140 CCTV units, 3 health post services, more than 120 toilet facilities, and the ship's daily capacity will be able to transport up to 39,000 small vehicles per day.

"So that passengers can be orderly, continue to follow the directions of ship and port officers for mutual safety and security. "Also make sure that your stamina and vehicle are in top condition for a smooth holiday trip," said Shelvy.

ASDP also appealed to service users who will travel by ferry, especially on the Merak-Bakauheni and Ketapang-Gilimanuk routes, to buy tickets in advance through the application or official Ferizy partners.

Purchasing online tickets via Ferizy for Merak-Bakauheni and Ketapang-Gilimanuk routes can be done from 60 days before the day of departure up to a maximum of H-1. "We ask the public to prepare for departure in advance, make sure they have tickets before leaving, and arrive at the port according to the schedule stated on the ticket," concluded Shelvy. 

(ISL News Editorial/email:islnewstv@gmail.com). 

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  • ASDP Predicts There Will Be An Increase Of 10 Percent, Peak Flow Of Mudik Iedul Adha Holiday 1445 Hijriah


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