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Maintaining the Smoothness and Safety of Passengers Transporting Ied al-Fitr 1945 Hijriah/2024, Pelindo Prepares Integrated Command Posts

02/04/24, 16:58 WIB Last Updated 2024-04-02T09:58:50Z

JAKARTA TANJUNG PRIOK (ISL NEWS) –  Pelindo has alerted Integrated Transport Command Posts for Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 2024/1445 Hijriah at various Passenger Terminals operated by Pelindo. This step involves a number of port agency stakeholders to ensure the smooth running and safety of travelers.

Group Head of the Pelindo Corporate Secretariat, Ardhy Wahyu Basuki, stated that this Integrated Command Post is a form of management's commitment to providing the best service for smooth, safe and secure travel to Mudik Lebaran travelers ahead of the peak of the Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 1445/ 2024.

This Pokso functions to monitor and supervise port activities to ensure the smooth flow of home and return for Idul Fitri 1445 Hijriah. Apart from that, the Command Post also provides information regarding Eid transportation needed by travelers and media partners and is ready to handle emergency situations starting from March 26 2024 (D-15) to April 26 2024 (D+15). Through the 2024 Idul Fitri Transport Integrated Post, it is hoped that it will facilitate coordination with a number of stakeholders and be useful for Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 1445/ 2024.travelers if they need assistance.

"The estimated number of Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 1445/ 2024. travelers this year will reach 2 million people, so it is very important for Pelindo to improve coordination with all port stakeholders in Eid Sea Transport services in all Pelindo's Passenger Terminals," added Ardhy.

Until H-9 of Eid 2024, Pelindo recorded the number of passengers using the Pelindo Passenger Terminal service as 348,837 people. This number increased by 4.25% compared to 2023. And for vehicle flow, it was recorded as 33,832 vehicles or an increase of 25.54% compared to 2023.

The passenger terminal with the highest number of passengers was recorded in the Tanjung Perak area with 43,644 people, followed by the Tanjung Pinang area with 39,969 people, Tanjung Balai Karimun with 26,988 people, Ambon with 19,451 people, Makassar with 13,515 people and Tanjung Priok with 12,615 people.

Apart from that, for vehicle flow, Tanjung Perak Terminal is currently the busiest with a flow of 8,550 vehicles. Then Sheet with a total of 5,577 vehicles, Makassar with 4,999 vehicles, Balikpapan with 1,387 vehicles, and Gunung Sitoli with a total of 1,031 vehicles.

To anticipate the peak of Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 1445/ 2024.traffic which is predicted to occur on April 6 2024 (H-4), Pelindo has prepared a number of steps, one of which is preparing Ciwandan Port to reduce congestion and smooth the flow of vehicles at Merak and Bakauheni Ports.

Pelindo Regional 2 Banten provides facilities for pier 05A, pier 03 and pier 07 then prepares a parking area (buffer area) and back up area for motorbikes covering an area of ​​7,000 square meters with a capacity of 2,000 units and a truck buffer area of ​​25,000 square meters with capacity 200 units.

"Apart from that, we are also preparing security service officers on a 24/7 basis, 2 scouts on duty in turns and 2 tugboats, an Integrated Command Post for Eid 2024 Transport, public/portable toilets, prayer room, first aid room and MSME tents," said General Manager of Pelindo Regional 2 Banten, Yohanes W Situmeang.

On Monday (25/3/2024) last week, at the Nusantara Pura Passenger Terminal, Tanjung Priok Port, the 2024 Eid Transport Readiness Call was held, which marked the start of the 2024 Eid Transport Post.

Acting as Apple Inspector, Expert Staff to the Minister of Transportation for Transportation Safety and Connectivity, Ir. Subagiyo, MT, in his speech on behalf of the Director General of Sea Transportation, said that the theme of this year's Eid Transport is "Merry Homecoming Full of Meaning", so it is the government's commitment together with all stakeholders to ensure smooth passenger mobility. It is hoped that the Eid homecoming flow in 2024 can run safely, smoothly and securely.

"Following up to the direction of the Director General of Sea Transportation, Pelindo is ready to continue to coordinate in ensuring the smoothness and safety of all passengers and vehicles at each of our terminals, so that passengers can experience a cheerful and meaningful Mudik Lebaran Iedul Fitri 1445/ 2024.in every service we provide," concluded Ardhy.

(Editor of ISL News/Corsec Pelindo Pusat/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).  
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  • Maintaining the Smoothness and Safety of Passengers Transporting Ied al-Fitr 1945 Hijriah/2024, Pelindo Prepares Integrated Command Posts


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