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IPC TPK Conducts Groundbreaking for Construction of CONTAINER SCANNING EQUIPMENT

22/06/24, 16:18 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-22T09:19:27Z

 – The  Groundbreaking Ceremony  for the Construction of a Container Scanner was held by the IPC Container Terminal at International Terminal 3, Tanjung Priok Port, North Jakarta.

The construction of this scanning tool is a strategic step for IPC TPK in supporting efficiency, effectiveness and ensuring the safety of container inspections in the future in terms of procedures and costs as well as ensuring optimization of container loading and unloading services.

"IPC TPK is committed to integrating technology in port services and increasing the speed of container loading and unloading services through digitalization and facility construction. Today marks the start of the construction of container scanner equipment which will be carried out in stages, apart from that we will also build  a Joint Gate ." said Guna Mulyana, Main Director of IPC TPK.

The construction of this container scanner equipment is in line with the mandate of Minister of Finance Regulation Number 109/PMK.04/2020 of 2020 concerning Customs Areas and Technology in the logistics and customs sector. IPC TPK as one of the container terminal operators in Indonesia supports this policy in order to increase the effectiveness of operating  container scanner equipment  and increase the efficiency of the inspection system for imported and exported goods in containers. Apart from that, this development is also proof that IPC TPK continues to adapt to technological developments, especially in the logistics sector.

Planning and preparation for the construction of  this container scanner  has been carried out since January 2024. Starting with site surveys, measurements, hangar relocation and  traffic flow simulations  to maintain smooth loading and unloading operations in the field. Next, the installation of supporting equipment such as  the Command Center Room , electrical network, fiber optic lines from the Analysis Room to the  container scanner equipment  and construction of the  container scanner equipment will be carried out .

The Groundbreaking event  for the container scanner  equipment   was attended by Executive Director 2 Regional 2 Pelindo, Executive General Manager Pelindo Regional 2 Tanjung Priok, Head of the Tanjung Priok Health Quarantine Center Office, Head of Type A Customs & Excise KPU Tanjung Priok, Representative of Tanjung Priok Main Port KSOP, Representative of Tanjung Priok Port Police, Main Director of PT Multi Terminal Indonesia, Main Director of PT Mustika Alam Lestari, Main Director of PT Tangguh Samudera Jaya, General Manager of PT PBM Olah Jasa Andal, Main Director of PT Graha Segara, Directors and Management of PT IPC Terminal Petikemas.

"Thank you for the support of all related parties in implementing the construction of this container scanner tool. "We hope that development can proceed according to the targets set and that the operation of this equipment will have a positive impact on the entire logistics chain and support the efficiency of loading and unloading services at Terminal 3 of Tanjung Priok Port," concluded Guna.

(Editorial ISL News/Corcom IPC TPK/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).



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  • IPC TPK Conducts Groundbreaking for Construction of CONTAINER SCANNING EQUIPMENT


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