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SPPI Bersatu DPC Management Inaugurated, PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim: Together with Management, Maintain Cohesion and Synergy

24/02/24, 11:36 WIB Last Updated 2024-02-24T04:38:55Z

 - The management of the DPC SPPI (Indonesian Port Workers Union) Bersatu Subholding PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim (SPJM) for the 2023/2026 period is committed to maintaining its critical nature and also increasing its productivity at the same time for the Company's progress.

"Let's maintain a critical nature and at the same time improve our performance and productivity for the Company's progress and sustainable welfare improvement," said Muhammad Rizal in his first speech when he was elected as General Chair of the SPPI SPJM DPC, last December.

Now, Rizal has succeeded in forming a management which was officially appointed and confirmed on Tuesday, February 20 2024. The management structure is strengthened by Makmur Syam (Deputy Chairman I), Zulfikar (Deputy Chairman II), and Adnan Arifin (Deputy Chairman III). Meanwhile, Muhammad Sjarief Karim was appointed Secretary with his deputy Muhammad Taqwa, and Yusman as Treasurer with his deputy Tri Wahyunita.

This management structure also consists of Regional Coordinators and 8 Sectors. "In our management, there is 1 Regional Coordinator and 8 Division Heads," said Rizal.

The eight fields include Field I Industrial Relations, Law and Advocacy. Field II Organization and Cadreization, Field III Strategic Study of Worker Welfare, and Field IV Secretariat. Then there is Field V Public Relations and IT, Field VI Agitation and Propaganda, Field VII Inter-Agency, and Field VIII Spiritual, Arts and Sports.

Present at the inauguration occasion were representatives of the Board of Directors of PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim, SPPI General Chair Dodi Nurdiana along with its Secretary General, Kemal Akhyar, Head of the Manpower and Transmigration Service, represented by the Head of the Social Security Section, Fahrul Rasyid.

The new management of the DPC SPPI (United Indonesian Port Workers Union) of PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim for the 2023/2026 period, which was appointed by Enriany Muis, is going smoothly.

Enriany Muis, Regional Head 4 Pelindo Makassar in his speech after inaugurating and inaugurating the DPC SPPI Bersatu Management of PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim and the DPC Management of Regional Pelindo 4 Makassar expressed his hope that SPPI and management could maintain unity.

"We hope that SPPI and management can maintain cohesiveness, synergy and prioritize company goals," said Enriany.

SPPI, he continued, together with management has established a mutualistic symbiosis. Synergize with each other, understand each other's overall conditions. "The goal is that employees can grow and prosper," he said

According to him, SPPI Bersatu is a true partner in supporting and advancing the company. And of course SPPI, management also expects support and input from all employees for the common good and progress.

Therefore, management must accommodate employee wishes. On the other hand, you also have to look at the condition of the company.

(Editor of ISL News/Regional Public Relations head 4 Makassar).



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  • SPPI Bersatu DPC Management Inaugurated, PT Pelindo Jasa Maritim: Together with Management, Maintain Cohesion and Synergy


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