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Pelindo Regional 3 targets 107 cruises to dock during 2024

07/03/24, 19:17 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-07T12:21:30Z


URABAYA (ISL News) – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Regional 3 has set a fairly high target in its plans for cruise visits in 2024. It is targeting 107 cruise ships to stop in its area in 2024. Pelindo is optimistic that this target will be met due to improvements in services and facilities. port which has been carried out in 2023.

Karlinda Sari, Senior Manager of Law and Public Relations at Pelindo Regional 3, said that the target of 107 cruise ships and a passenger flow of 172,750 people set this year is an increase of 3 times compared to the 2023 target which only targets 33 cruise ship visits.

A number of factors are considered to be able to significantly increase cruise ship visits in 2024, including improving port facilities such as the provision of mobile and telescopic gangways , as well as luggage handling services and turn around passengers at the main terminal.

“This target is not without reason. "Improving facilities and services at the terminal which are implemented from other international terminals is one of the bargaining points that we are trying to give to cruises that will dock, this is proven by the many cruise calls that have come in at the beginning of this year." Said Karlinda Sari.

Karlinda added that the construction of the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub, which has entered its final stages, has also become an additional attraction for cruises for docking, especially at the beginning of last year, Pelindo successfully served turn around 4000 passengers and luggage handling at Benoa Harbor, Bali. This is added to that during 2023, Pelindo will also successfully serve various cruise lines on the Asia Pacific-Australia route.

"2023 will be one of our best moments when we succeeded in realizing one of the Celebrity Solstice jumbo-sized cruises at Benoa Harbor. Apart from that, we also carried out a turn around service for 4000 passengers earlier this year. concluded Karlinda Sari

Previously, during 2023 Pelindo Regional 3 successfully served 146 cruise ship visits from the target of 33 cruise ship visits. Cruise ship visits during 2023 were recorded with tourist traffic of 191,438 people.

(Editor of ISL News/Regional Public Relations Head 3 Pelindo Surabaya).

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  • Pelindo Regional 3 targets 107 cruises to dock during 2024


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