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Ogi Haris, Direktur Operasi ADIPURUSA: Our Company's Mission is to Create Standard and Excellent Services for Service Users

07/07/24, 13:46 WIB Last Updated 2024-07-08T01:10:00Z

- PT Adipurusa, one of the Container Terminal operators at Tanjung Priok Port continues to build cooperation with various parties through partnerships.

"The cooperation carried out by PT Adipurasa is the company's mission in creating services at the terminals it manages that have prime performance for service users. The partnership or pairing of ports that was formed also resulted in similar services," said HA Ogi Haris, Operations Director of PT Adipurusa, to the Press in North Jakarta, Thursday yesterday (4/7/2024).

According to him, the cooperation relationship with the terminal or port operator will create excellent service. The cooperation will also create a pairing port, in the form of similarity of services (service standardization-ed).

Ogi Haris said, in the initial process of cooperation, of course, both parties explore their activities taking place at the port they are collaborating with. Starting from the standardization of operational activities in the terminal, document service standards and a number of other standards.

"Based on the results of the exploration, there is a common standard. Of course, after that, communication will be established which will create data sharing activities with the terminals or ports that are invited to cooperate," explained Ogi Haris.

"With the standardization of services, it will lead to port pairing and create faster and more accurate electronic data exchange for the benefit of port productivity," Ogi continued.

Currently, Adipurusa as the terminal manager at Tanjung Priok Port has explored cooperation with a number of terminals or ports that are usually visited by ships that dock and load and unload at its terminal.

"So when the ship will enter, from the port that has collaborated (pairing port), then we already know and get initial information from the partner port, apart from the ship agent," said Ogi.

According to him, the benefit of pairing ports is to make the destination and origin ports of goods as dedicated ports, so that the process will be simpler, data accuracy is more guaranteed, and time and costs are saved.

The results of this collaboration will make the port a sister port, and the benefits in the form of loading and unloading (BM) activities can be better planned, in addition to simplifying the process flow, data accuracy will also be more guaranteed and cost efficiency.

(ISL News Editorial Team/email:islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • Ogi Haris, Direktur Operasi ADIPURUSA: Our Company's Mission is to Create Standard and Excellent Services for Service Users


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