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Implementation of HALAL LOGISTICS is Urgent, SCI-EXPERT Accompanies INDUSTRY

05/07/24, 09:29 WIB Last Updated 2024-07-05T02:29:38Z



  - The industry has not fully understood the halal logistics certification that will be effective starting October 17, 2024. The certification related to halal logistics is not only for companies providing logistics services, but also for manufacturing/processing companies, retail, restaurants, and others. Understanding and preparation need to be done immediately for implementation within the remaining deadline of around 3 months.


CEO of Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI) Setijadi explained that halal products are regulated in several regulations, especially Law 33/2014 concerning Halal Product Assurance, Law No. 6/2023 concerning the Stipulation of Perpu No. 2/2022 concerning Job Creation into Law, and PP No. 39/2021 concerning the Implementation of the Halal Product Assurance Sector.


Halal products are products that have been declared halal according to Islamic law, while the halal product process is a series of activities to ensure the halalness of the product including the provision of materials, processing, storage, packaging, distribution, sales, and presentation of the product.


Halalness includes the halalness of products and product processes, including logistics processes carried out by the manufacturing company itself or by companies providing logistics services.


PP No. 39/2021 regulates the stages of halal certification obligations that vary between products. The stages for food products, beverages, slaughtered products, and slaughtering services are from October 17, 2019 to October 17, 2024. Another example is the stages for traditional medicines, quasi-medicines, and health supplements are from October 17, 2021 to October 17, 2026.


In relation to this, the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Halal Logistics Association (AHLI) Rizki Eri Utomo said that based on experience, the time required to obtain halal logistics certification can take up to 6 months. This is certainly worrying considering the approaching deadline.


As a solution, AHLI is actively conducting education and socialization of halal logistics, as well as assistance in accelerating the acquisition of halal logistics certificates by using applicable methods resulting from collaboration with LPPOM MUI and can be applied in various fields such as multimodal transportation, warehousing, and ports.


Halal Logistics Implementation Assistance

In an effort to help the industry implement mandatory halal logistics, SCI and AHLI will hold a Halal Logistics Implementation Preparation Workshop in Jakarta on 16-17 July 2024 to provide an understanding of the concept of halal logistics, halal assurance systems, and product handling strategies with halal principles.


In the workshop, companies will gain an understanding of the requirements for halal logistics certification, practical implementation and management of halal logistics certification, the decision-making process and issuance of halal logistics certification, and post-halal logistics certification procedures. Information about the workshop can be obtained through the SCI Secretariat No. WA 0821 1515 9393.


(ISL News Editorial Team/SCI Public Relations/email: islnewstv@gmail.com).

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  • Implementation of HALAL LOGISTICS is Urgent, SCI-EXPERT Accompanies INDUSTRY


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