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PELINDO Sub-Regional JAVA Holds Ship Grounded Simulation at TANJUNG PERAK PORT

01/06/24, 11:54 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-01T04:54:59Z

(ISL News)  In the context of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of Business Continuity Management (BCP) at the Ports of Tanjung Perak and Benoa, Pelindo Sub Regional Java collaborated with Pelindo Regional 3, and Sub Holding Pelindo Jasa Maritim (SPJM) and was accompanied by a team of consultants from PT Global Kopelindo Synergy carried out a table top ship simulation activity that ran aground in the waters of Tanjung Perak Port on Wednesday (22/05). This activity was monitored by the PNC and DMU Tanjung Perak Manager in the PNC Room which is connected to the Karang Jamuang RO Control Room and Surabaya Pemanduan RO.

Apart from monitoring and evaluating BCP, this simulation activity also aims to train knowledge regarding self-rescue procedures in emergency situations when on board a ship in the event of a collision, fire on the ship and the ship running aground. The ship used for this simulation is MT. PAGERUNGAN belongs to PT PERTAMINA with a LOA length of 157 meters / Draft of 8.5 meters and a GT weight of 14,458 tons loaded with diesel fuel. During the simulation the ship ran aground, the ship's position was transverse and disrupted the channel due to steering problems moving from the Outter Bar (OB) to the West Semampir Terminal at 02.00 LT at position 06'53.96'' S / 112'43.83'' E, precisely around bouy 9 . This simulation of a ship running aground was carried out by personnel from the Java Sub Regional Pelindo work unit and the Pelindo Maritime Services Sub Holding (SPJM).

Rendy Fendy as Head of Public Relations of Pelindo Sub Regional Java said that this simulation involved several related divisions within Pelindo Sub Regional Java including the Quality and Risk Management (MMR) Division, Ship Services Division, Information Technology (IT) Division, Health Safety Security & Environment Service (HHSSE) and the Public Relations Service in supporting this activity.

"We have held a meeting to discuss the technical implementation of this ship running aground simulation activity and on H-1 we have also carried out a clean rehearsal to ensure that the event can run smoothly and of course safely, considering that this simulation is being held in the ISPS Code area and ensuring that this event will not disturb activities around the pier area and passenger terminal services," explained Rendy.

It is hoped that this activity can provide an accurate picture and rescue information in the event of an emergency. With the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), the target of reaching 7 hours is expected to be smaller so that the system recovery time will be faster and failures can be minimized. This simulation activity will also be carried out regularly once a year to serve as monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Business Continuity Management (BCP) considering that Tanjung Perak is the largest and second busiest port in Indonesia after Tanjung Priok Port and is also a trade center in the Gate Kerto Susila area and Eastern Indonesia.

(Editor of ISL News/Pelido Sub Regional Java Public Relations).

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  • PELINDO Sub-Regional JAVA Holds Ship Grounded Simulation at TANJUNG PERAK PORT


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