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Minister of Transportation: It is necessary to adjust the teaching materials for prospective Port Experts to the demands of work in the field

05/06/24, 11:58 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-05T04:59:24Z

 Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said, in creating professional port expert candidates, standard training and curriculum materials are needed that take into account and adapt to the needs and demands of work in the field. Therefore, teaching staff or lecturers are needed who are able to convey this in training, so as to create qualified port expert candidates.

This was conveyed by the Minister of Transportation at the Launching Ceremony of the Technical Assistance Training and Training Program for Improving the Competency of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation and ASN Internships at the Transportation Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) in Jakarta, Friday (31/5/2024).

"The standard training materials and curriculum for prospective port experts need to consider the needs and complexity of port management. "The way to do this is by adapting teaching materials to the demands of work in the port sector, so that lecturers are needed who are able to produce port experts with these competencies," said the Minister of Transportation.

Therefore, the Minister of Transportation encourages ASN Lecturers within the Ministry of Transportation to broaden their horizons, develop skills and update with renewable technology. "The ASN internship program under BPSDM Transportation is a necessity so that it can increase the knowledge and skills of lecturers. Not only in the maritime sector, but also needs to be carried out in the land, air and railway sectors," said the Minister of Transportation.

The Minister of Transportation hopes that the interns who have been selected can contribute to each other in developing personnel capacity. In addition, armed with knowledge, work networks and work experience during internships, ASN is expected to be able to provide innovative solutions for the progress of the transportation sector.

"I hope you can become leaders of change in the future Ministry of Transportation who are able to think intelligently, have a global orientation but still adhere to national values," said the Minister of Transportation.

Director General of Sea Transportation, Antoni Arif Priadi said, Indonesia has 636 ports consisting of 28 Main Ports, 164 Collecting Ports, 166 Regional Collecting Ports and 278 local Collecting Ports. All ports function to provide smooth and orderly maritime transportation throughout Indonesia.

Management of all these ports requires competence and quality of human resources in the port sector who are professional and able to respond to the demands of the global era. "We hope that through this collaboration program we will increase the competency of Transportation Human Resources who master the knowledge and skills needed in various roles at ports in Indonesia. So, in the future port management in Indonesia will be more effective, sustainable and contribute to the growth of the maritime economy as a whole. national," explained Director General Antoni.

The ASN Internship Program at BPSDM Transportation itself was attended by 30 (thirty) people consisting of Lecturers, Instructors and Education Personnel. Meanwhile, the Seafarer Diploma Improvement program was attended by 81 (eighty one) Technical Implementation Unit people at the Directorate General of Sea Transportation, consisting of the ATT II and ATT III Improvement Programs.

Also present were Inspector General Arif Toha and Plt. Head of BPSDM Transportation Subagiyo.

(Editor of ISL News/WN/HH/SR/BRD).

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  • Minister of Transportation: It is necessary to adjust the teaching materials for prospective Port Experts to the demands of work in the field


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