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IDSurvey Hold Event One Family One Purpose Bootcamp 2024, Marketing and Sales Chapter

14/06/24, 15:12 WIB Last Updated 2024-06-14T08:13:24Z


 Survey Services BUMN Holding, IDSurvey is holding One Family One Purpose Bootcamp 2024, Marketing and Sales Chapter which was initiated by PT BKI (Persero) as Lead Holding. This event was held on Thursday, 30 May - Saturday, 1 June 2024 with a comprehensive and exciting series attended by more than 50 participants from 3 entities, BKI, Sucofindo and Surveyor Indonesia located in the Special Region, Yogyakarta.

BKI as the Lead Holding initiated a bootcamp event by attending various credible speakers to equip participants to improve performance and collaboration between employees. Also attending were speakers from external Markplus and internal IDSurvey Vice Presidents related to talent development, procurement and green business services.

The opening of the Bootcamp was attended by IDSurvey's Director of Institutional Relations, Andry Tanudjaja, who was grateful for the presence of the participants to get to know each other's business potential and create business matching as one IDSurvey unit. "I would like to thank the participants who attended and the committee that formed this event, I hope that through this event we can create a joint marketing system and further strengthen IDSurvey. "Through this event, I hope that we will get to know each other better about the services offered, so that the ladies and gentlemen of the participants who are present here can work together, you are the spearhead of the company, because you are a company that can survive,"

On the first and second days, participants were invited to get to know each entity, received material from presentations from resource persons, Markplus regarding Strategic Marketing Skills, Marketing from each entity unit head, Green Business, and closed with an FGD.

Friday, May 31 2024, the event continued with a Gala Dinner in the evening with the theme 'A Night to Remember' which was attended by the Main Director of IDSurvey, Main Director of PT SUCOFINDO, Director of Operations of BKI, Director of Institutional Relations of BKI, and Commercial Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia.

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  • IDSurvey Hold Event One Family One Purpose Bootcamp 2024, Marketing and Sales Chapter


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